Posted September 20, 2018 11:02:25The leak of a 1,300-foot pipe at the West Texas oil field is causing major delays to the country’s largest oil spill.

The West Texas Pipeline LLC is expected to submit its response to the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) in the coming weeks, which could result in a delay of up to a year.

The pipeline’s owners have also indicated that they want to delay the leak for several months.

The company was previously awarded a $1.2 billion federal grant to clean up the spill, but the company’s board recently voted against it, citing environmental concerns.

The leak occurred last summer when pipeline engineers failed to close the pipe correctly.

The pipeline was leaking at 1,826 feet per second, which is about one-fifth the speed of sound.

The leak caused a catastrophic explosion that killed 47 people and injured more than 500.

The agency said in a statement Friday that it has received the company “multiple written, oral and electronic submissions” that it “will consider” in the near future.

The Pipeline and Liquefied Natural Gas Administration (PELGA) is the pipeline operator for the leak.