The NHL’s All-Stars will have blood test for HHLA-B on Monday night, according to an official announcement by the league.

The NHL said on Monday that it will make the decision regarding blood testing at the upcoming All-star game, but that the All-stars will be required to take blood tests.

A blood test will be available for the All Stars on Jan. 15 and will be administered by Dr. Paul J. Herrmann, the league’s chief medical officer, after their blood samples have been collected.HHLA is a type of blood that is derived from the blood of the red blood cells.

The HLA gene is present in about 25 percent of people with blood type AB.

The league said it would also require players to take HLA antibody testing, but the All Star team will not be required.

The news comes two days after it was announced that all NHL players were required to be tested for HCL antibodies for the first time this season.

The NHL has been trying to lower the HCL-B rate in the NHL.

In a statement, the NHL said the league will also allow the Allstars to donate their blood to support other people with HLAB-positive blood.

The league will be offering $250,000 to any team that provides the most blood donations.