A plastic bag caught fire and burst into flames at a warehouse in the southern Philippines city of Bohol, killing at least three people, according to authorities.

Authorities said the fire broke out Wednesday evening and was under control by 8 p.m.

(0400 GMT).

The blaze spread to the adjacent building, which was being used as a storage space, said fire chief Alfredo Rueda.

“It started in the warehouse, and it exploded.

We were able to control the fire.

We are now treating the building for damage,” Ruedas spokesman Jaime Arguello said.

The fire caused significant damage to the warehouse.

Police Chief Jose Jose Cid said the cause of the fire was unknown.

A plastic sheeting was found on the floor that caught fire, and the fire department had set up a perimeter.

The incident took place just a few days after a fire broke loose at a construction site in Quezon City that killed at least seven people, including a baby, according a police officer.

The Quezon fire department responded to the blaze.

In Manila, an explosion at a factory that made plastics killed three workers and injured at least 12 others, according an AFP news agency report.

The factory, which makes polymers, has been closed for more than a week after the explosion, and no injuries were reported, said a police source.