NFL fans are now going to be able to make their own footballs, even if they don’t have the expertise or the resources.

It all started last month when the NFL announced it would make polyethylylene a non-toxic material, but not without some controversy.

It’s actually the second year the league has done this, following the previous year, which was in 2015.

It means that the league is now the first to use a non toxic material in footballs.

The first time it was used was in the 1999 Super Bowl, when footballs were made out of rubber.

This time around, the NFL says it has a much easier time making footballs out of a new, non-plastic material, called polyethylenimide, which is an environmentally friendly, recyclable material that is used to make polystyrene.

According to the league, this is the first time in more than 20 years that the NFL has used a non harmful material in the construction of a football.

This is also the first year that the new materials used are made out a new type of polyethylENE, or PEO.

The former is an acrylic polymer and the latter is a polymer that is more flexible.

The idea behind the new PEO is to make it so that the footballs are tougher and more durable.

“We’ve been working for the past several years with the NFL and others on the issue of sustainability, and with this new product, we are making it possible for the players to wear their NFL team gear,” said Jeff Miller, senior vice president of product management for the NFL.

“We are proud of the progress made on the sustainability of our product.

We will continue to work closely with our NFL partners and the industry to make sure that this material continues to be used responsibly.”

The first footballs made out this new material were already available for purchase in stores, but the league said that in addition to the NFL, all other professional sports leagues will be able use the new material.

The league also announced that the PEO will be available in four colors, which it says are more environmentally friendly than those available today.

The first three colors will be black, white, gray and red.

The NFL says that the first 100,000 PEO balls will be made in Philadelphia, which the league says is “the only city in the country to produce and distribute the most popular non-recyclable footballs.”

It’s a good thing, because the NFL said that it has to produce the balls because they are going to cost the league a lot more money to make them.

The Philadelphia team is the only team in the league that has the balls, which cost $75 per ball, $25 more than the league average.

That means that they cost $50,000 to produce.

The cost of the balls will come out to $1.1 million, but it’s still more than what the NFL will pay for the balls for this season.

The other 10,000 balls that are made in the first phase of the NFL’s initiative are expected to be available this season, and the league expects to have them in stores by the end of this month.