Month: August 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About the Polyethylene Glycol Safety of Polyethylenisole, an Insecticide

Polyethylenesoles are one of the main ingredients of many insecticides, including dicamba, pyrethroids, and others.But they can also be toxic to humans and other animals, and they are not approved for use in the environment.Polyethylenicene glycerol (PEG), which is used in polyethylenimine insecticides such as the popular insecticide dicamidopropyl acetate (DPPA), can also cause toxic […]

A new type of foam factory that can make glass containers more durable and environmentally friendly: The Globe and Mail

The glass container manufacturing industry has grown exponentially over the past couple decades, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.The new type that the glass container industry is developing is called polyethylen-3-polyoxyethylene (PEOP).It’s a glass-based, plastic-based manufacturing process that’s fast becoming one of the fastest-growing in the glass-maker industry.The PEOP process is […]

How to make a greenhouse for the solar system: Polyethylene, polyethylenyl acetate, and polyethylenes

Ars Technicast readers may recall that the Polycarbonate series of products are made by a company called Nucor.The company produces polycarbonate plastics in the U.S. and China, and its polyethylencetate plastics have been widely used in a range of industrial applications.Nucotec has been making polyethylens for a while, and in 2017, they started offering polycarbonates […]

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