Exxon Mobil metallocine polyethylenes have long been used as a plastic replacement for paper, and a popular product among home builders.

But now, the company says it’s testing a new material that’s made of an extremely thin layer of a polymer called polyethyleneglycol.

The product is already being used in the automotive industry and is being tested in metallurgical equipment, according to the company.

Exxon is also working on making polyethylensilicate plastics, which are the thickest materials available.

Existing polyethyleners, like polyethylpropylene and polyethyloxypylene, can degrade over time, and it’s not clear whether the new polymer would be a solution to this problem.

Excerpt from “Polyethylene metallocenes: A New Synthetic Plastic for Building Materials” by Dan O’Connell and John Loughlin published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.