Apple’s new iPhone lineup is starting to take shape.

As you might expect, the new iPhones are made of metal.

That means a polyethylenes adhesive (PEM) is an option for iPhone 5 and 5S owners who want to add some extra grip to their device.

Apple has previously hinted at using the adhesive on other products, but there hasn’t been much of an announcement about what kind of devices might come with the adhesive.

But according to the Verge, there are plans to make an Apple-branded adhesive available on a few new iPhone models.

The article cites a source close to Apple who says the company will begin shipping polyethylensilicate (PE) plastic, or plastic made with polyethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (PEA), on the 5S this fall.

This will be a slightly different material than the one used in the iPhone 5, which is made of polyvinyl chloride.

The PEA plastic will have the same density as the old polymer that Apple is using, but it will be slightly thinner, and will be thicker and stiffer.

The only difference is that the new polymer will be available in a new color.

Apple is not revealing much more about the new material, but the Verge notes that the company has already begun to test it on some of its products.

There are currently only a few available in the United States, but Apple’s official website lists 10 colors for the new adhesive.

The company’s official Twitter account also has a list of colors for those who are interested in purchasing the adhesive, which should be available by the end of October.

The Verge article is based on the anonymous source’s account.

There has been no confirmation from Apple about whether or not the new PE-based iPhone will be released in other markets.