This is what it looks like when you’ve made your dream boat float on the ocean.

In this case, a polyfoam boat. 

But the boat was not made with a polypropylene, a synthetic plastic that is commonly used in floating home products.

Instead, the boat used nylon and nylon composite. 

When I asked the team what the polyfoams were made of, they responded that they were made from a mixture of nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylacrylonitrile. 

The team then said they were not aware of any other floating home product that uses this material. 

“We were just trying to make something that people would like to make,” said one of the team members, Dan Schoenfeld.

While the team has not made a floating home yet, Schoenfeld says they have designed some prototypes. 

Schoenfeld told me that the boats are just the first steps in a project called “Floating House” to build a floating house that can float on water.

The team has received funding from the United States Navy to work on the floating home.

The team hopes to start working with a manufacturer soon, and Schoenfer said they plan to have a working prototype in the water by early 2020. 

They are hoping to have their prototype floating in the Atlantic Ocean by 2020.