Trump on Monday reiterated his administration’s commitment to open the hiring and investment pipeline for American companies, calling on Congress to pass legislation that will enable them to hire more workers.

The president on Monday also called on Congress not to allow the nation’s largest companies to leave the country.

The executive order on the jobs and investment issue was the latest in a series of initiatives Trump has made to boost economic activity in the face of a sluggish global economy.

It also marks another milestone in the president’s efforts to rally support for his economic agenda.

The president is pushing Congress to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, which provides subsidies for companies to export products.

And he is touting a $1 trillion infrastructure package he is calling the most ambitious since the Depression.

The new orders, coming as Trump is struggling to convince his party to pass a $4 trillion stimulus package, underscore his commitment to helping his administration fulfill his campaign promise of putting American jobs first.

The order calls for a “transitional period” to be allowed to permit companies to hire new workers and create jobs, and the end of the temporary restrictions that prohibit American companies from investing in plants overseas and in the United States.

It allows for more flexibility in the hiring process, including allowing companies to expand and to hire temporary foreign workers, according to the executive order.

In the meantime, the president also ordered a freeze on hiring and firing for five years.

Trump’s order comes as the administration is negotiating with Congress on a new stimulus package.

Trump has previously called for the government to be bailed out by the Federal Reserve, a move that would require Congress to agree to more than $1.4 trillion in additional stimulus spending.

Congress is currently negotiating a new package to increase the nation to $16 trillion in debt by 2026.