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TwoFourTwo says: “I purchased a couple of sheets of polyethylenecene paint from the shop.

I didn’t have any concerns about the quality of the paint.

The sheet I bought was about 25cm x 30cm and was about 1.5mm thick.

The paint was clear, and there was no residue on my clothes when I washed them.

I did get a few nicks and scratches, but nothing serious.

The sheets are fairly cheap at £8 each, so I’m not disappointed at all.”

The paint is not as long lasting as I would have hoped, but it did make me feel pretty good about my clothes.

It’s a good quality paint that lasts for a long time.

“The reviews say: “The paint I bought is a fairly new sheet of polyester.

It is made of a very thin layer of polyamide, which is an acrylic-like polymer.

It doesn’t appear to be a paint that can take the strain of washing and drying and should work very well for just about anything you could possibly want to wear.

“Polyethylene sheet paint is pretty cheap at around £8 a piece, so you could get some of it for around £2-3, and it is not going to damage your clothes.”

I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to buy another sheet of this kind, but I’d be tempted to if I had to, especially as it doesn’t take the same level of wear.

“I have a few other sheets of paint on hand that I’d like to buy but haven’t had a chance to put them through their paces, so they will be worth looking at.”

Polyethylenacene is a common, flexible polymer that can be used in paints and paint-making products.

It was first introduced in the 1930s, and in the 1970s polyethylenes were added to the polycarbonate paint used in some household paints.

Polyethylenes are a flexible polymer made from polyamides that form a polymeric structure when they are exposed to air.

These polyamids can react with light to form an indigo-red colour.

In a nutshell:If you have been searching for a good way to paint your clothes, then polyethylens are a great choice.